Water Detector

Using non-oxide probe sensor technology

The water detector has been designed for the 4th element and is at home in it. The non-oxide probe sensor technology and rust-free sensor implemented serve to safeguard water inlets, outlets and overflows. Has your dishwasher overflowed? Just a few drops are sufficient to trigger the corresponding alarm and prevent even worse things happening. The detector can be reliably deployed in all rooms in which there is a risk of flooding, e.g. a boiler room or

laundry room for instance, and guarantees an immediate triggering of an alarm!

Always active
As soon as the escape of liquid of any kind is detected, you receive an alert on your smartphone or tablet PC. Even when the alarm system has not been activated.


To safeguard water inlets, outlets and overflows

e.g. bathtubs, washing machines, boilers, water tanks, etc. or rooms in danger of flooding


  • Non-oxide probe sensor technology
  • Wall installation for wireless and water sensor modules
  • Water sensor module is splashproof
  • Battery operated (2 AAA batteries, included in the package)
  • Warning indicated on the base unit when the battery charge is low
  • Installation material is included in the sales package
  • Cable length to sensor approx. 30 cm

Detects water


Water sensor module is splashproof


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