XL Outdoor Siren

Acoustic and visual alarm alert in outdoor areas

The outdoor siren from Olympia may not be visually distinctive but acoustically, it is the best deterrent. Facts which are only relevant to the intruder. Its compact, inconspicuous design, set in a classic white, it really does suit any facade, from a standard semi-detached house to a modern “Bauhaus” style.

Is your residence large with lots of angles and niches?
You can simply register up to 5 outdoor sirens on one central base unit. To prevent you from having to drill extensively in the outer facade, the entire system can be battery powered.

Do you need to leave your home?

Then simply switch to Alarm mode. If any area under surveillance is accessed, you are alerted on your smartphone.

Large, wireless outdoor siren

The clearly visible outdoor siren deters potential intruders


  • Acoustic and visual alarm alert in outdoor areas
  • Extra loud acoustic alarm at 105 dB (measured at a distance of 1 m)
  • Very bright LEDs for visual alert
  • Adjustable alarm period (1 to 10 minutes)
  • Up to 5 outdoor sirens can be registered on one central unit
  • Splashproof in accordance with IP 54
  • Mains power operation with emergency backup battery (power adapter and battery included in package)
  • Warning indicated on the base unit for low battery charge of emergency backup battery
  • Wall installation (including assembly material)

Visual and acoustic alert. Deters potential intruders.