SECURE series door/window contacts

A sensor with reed contact

The door/window contact from Olympia is a small, compact device with a slim design in a classic, aesthetic white, which can be fitted perfectly on the doors, windows and skylights in your home. The magnetic sensor and reed contact installed ensure it responds very sensitively when windows, doors or skylights are opened – ensuring an alarm is triggered reliably at any time.

Do you need to leave your home?
Then simply switch to Alarm mode. As soon as a door or window is opened, you receive an alert on your smartphone or tablet PC. A shock for intruders, reassuring for you.

Door/Window contact for the SECURE series alarm system To secure windows, doors or skylights.


  • It is triggered reliably via a magnetic senor with reed contact
  • Extra slim design ensuring problem-free installation
  • Battery operated (2 AAA batteries, included in the package)
  • Alert in the event of a low battery charge


To safeguard doors


To safeguard windows