SI 300 Smoke/Heat Detector

With photoelectric sensor technology

Thanks to the intelligent photoelectric sensor technology implemented, the smoke/heat detector from Olympia keeps cool and has everything under control even in the most risky situations – and in a temperature range from 54-70 degrees Celsius. For installation on ceilings, it has been conceived to ensure you feel safe and secure.

The intelligent networking means that all the smoke/heat detectors combined and connected are activated in the event of an alarm. What happens if a fire breaks out when you are asleep? The extra loud 85 dB volume ensures you will be woken immediately and give you that extra time to prevent worse things happening.

Reliable detection of smoke and heat


  • Photoelectric sensor technology - a volume of 85 dB
  • Heat alarm temperature range: 54°C to 70°C
  • Battery powered
  • Battery service life for smoke detector, up to 1 year
  • Warning in the event of a low battery charge
  • Area of use: Indoor rooms
  • Ceiling installation

Reliable detection of smoke and heat, built-in siren (85 dB), can be combined with each other

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