Infrared Light Barrier

With infrared sensor technology

The infrared light barrier from Olympia represents a universal solution regarding security. Equipped with innovative infrared sensor technology, it can be used as an access control with alarm function or as a welcoming entry gong. Small in size but big in impact – comparing its compact dimensions to its technical capabilities.

The siren volume can be adjusted to up to 100 dB and the range between 4 – 20 m making the infrared light barrier ideal for use in offices, workshops and private rooms, for example. What to do if there are no power sockets in the required area of use? No problem – an intelligent solution is provided here too, so that no extra power supply is necessary.

Do you need to leave your home?
Then simply switch to Alarm mode. If any area under surveillance is accessed, you are alerted on your smartphone. A shock for intruders, reassuring for you.

Door gong to detect entry and as an alarm


  • Alarm when the light barrier is crossed
  • Siren volume:100 dB
  • Infrared sensor technology
  • You set the range for up to 4 m or up to 20 m
  • Adjustable door gong / alarm siren functions
  • Volume: adjustable
  • Mains power operation
  • Power failure backup (6 x AA round cell batteries, not included in package)

Light barrier


Adjustable door gong / alarm siren functions

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