Smart Plug

With a clever presence simulation

The Smart Plug from Olympia is not only convenient, it is also a secure and energy-efficient solution. Convenient because all electrical devices imaginable, from an aquarium and electric heaters to floor lamps, can be controlled quite simply via the ProHome app. The security aspect also plays an important role.

The lights in your home can be switched on and off automatically, and at different times, thus simulating that you are there enjoying a perfectly normal day when, in fact, you are on holiday. Do you also want to see your energy consumption at a glance? The consumption indicator enables you to analyze your energy consumption – in real time. This means that you can view costs and consumption at any time.

Intelligent Smart Plug with programmable timer


  • Control consumers using the ProHome system
  • Direct control using the app, or using the programmable timer
  • Manual on/off switch
  • You can read out the current voltage and consumption data from the app at any time
  • Switches consumers of up to 2300 Watt (10A) safely and reliably

Control the devices via the app

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