Vibration Sensor

For indoor and outdoor areas

The vibration sensor from Olympia has a very important task. Highly sensitive, wireless and equipped with a practical hook and loop fastener, it can be used to safeguard your valuables in both indoor and outdoor areas. Regardless of whether we are talking about valuable paintings, unique vases or your loved garden furniture – the highly sensitive vibration sensor reacts to even the slightest contact and sends an alert signal directly to the base unit of the alarm system. It reacts less sensitively to temperature fluctuations or high

relative humidity and, therefore, remains constantly reliable and operational at temperatures between -10°C to +40°C and relative humidity from 30% to 75%.

Do you need to leave your home?
Then simply switch to Alarm mode. If anything under surveillance is moved, you are alerted on your smartphone.

To secure valuable objects both indoors and outdoors, such as pictures, vases, garden furniture or grill equipment


  • Reacts if objects are touched or carried away
  • Triggering sensitivity can be adjusted to one of 2 levels
  • Installation possible using a hook and loop fastener or adhesive pad (included in the package)
  • Battery operated (1 x CR2430 round cell battery, included in the package)
  • Warning indicated on the base unit when the battery charge is low

Reacts if objects are touched or carried away


Warning indicated on the base unit

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